whaddup beautiful people! 

as the year comes to an end, i am reflecting on all of the amazing things that took place in 2017. wow. what a year!! 

at the same time, i am visualizing my 2018 and i am excited about whats to come. in THIS particular moment i am excited to announce that i will be back in Europe very soon! i will spend the end of February and the beginning of March there. i have a few dates on the board and i am looking to add a couple more! sooooo... if you want me in your city, this is the time to hit me up to make it happen!


get your promoters on board. send me your contacts. connect me. let's get it. i wanna see you. xo.


hit me up through the site or at lets make something beautiful happen. see you soon!


love ya. 



sidenote: i want to big up Bernard Alexander for a FIRE photoshoot that he did with me last month. click here to check out his work, including the shoot and interview feature with yours truly. be sure to subscribe to keep up with his visionary content!



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  • Bernard Alexander
    Bernard Alexander St. Lucia
    Thank you very much

    Thank you very much

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