And just like that... (back from the Fall European Tour!)

well. well. well. 

that was amazing. :) 

after 18 days in Europe, nine shows and some amazing off days in one of my favorite places (Berlin), I've pulled my thoughts together to share with you all. 

I'd initially planned to keep you all in the loop as we went along buuuut...between almost killing my computer (I'll tell you about that later) and just taking the time to enjoy, I decided to just wait a bit and recap later. so here's an intro and I'll follow up with more a lil soon. :)  

for starters, I've gotta thank my girl Karin at Subotage for pulling together another incredible tour/experience for me. a few months ago she wrote me, asking what I thought of touring with two dope emcees, Starrlight and Yugen Blakrok. I checked their videos and thought they were amazing, so she made it happen. 

Starrlight (repping Holland) and Yugen Blakrok (repping South Africa) joined me for the first few stops. Stockholm, Lyon, Leipzig, Cologne and Zürich. Their energy was magnetic both on stage and off. We met at the hotel in Sweden, just in time for soundcheck and we were instantly connected. 

while they were brought in as supporting artists, I became an instant fan of them both and watched them from the side of the stage every night. when I rocked, they'd be on the side or right out in front giving me love and energy. the exchange was priceless and will stay with me forever. 

although I missed them tremendously when they left, the last few shows were nothing short of amazing. my deej, DJ Sandman, joined me about a week into the tour and the adventure continued. each show, just as dope as the last, different experiences, unique venues and of course, the people...the people were beautiful, just as they were on the other stops. 

I don't want to "talk you ears off" so let's catch up some more later with some takeaways from this experience, more photos and all that good stuff. Oh! And if there's anything in particular that you wanna know...shoot me a message. 

as always, peace and much 💛. 


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  • Dee
    Dee Cross Fletcher, FL
    Dopeness. Thank you for blessing us with your gift and self.

    Dopeness. Thank you for blessing us with your gift and self.

  • Toussaint
    Toussaint Denver colorado
    Your energy and lyrical content is simply amazing

    Your energy and lyrical content is simply amazing

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