New Audiobook! Diana : Detailed 

Ten years. Five albums. A decade of stories and experiences. 

Diana Detailed features ten songs from the albums that Dy has released from 2009-2019 as well as ten corresponding audiobook chapters.  Listeners have described the audiobook as "insightful, organized, intimate, unskippable, raw, honest, unapologetic, affirming, encouraging and empowering. "   

Available as a digital download as well as in collectible CD format.

First FULL Feature Show in LA! 

Hey yall! 

I am excited to share that I am producing my FIRST full show in LA. I will be with my amazing band, The Noise, and we will have some super dope guests joining us! 

Please save the date and plan to meet me at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood on August 8th! 

Its a free show! Doors at 8, show at 9! RSVP here and tell a friend!


So umm.. this is LATE. (i moved and I'm on tour!!) 



so.. first of all, I can't believe how much time has passed since I've written.

let me just go ahead and say this... i packed up and moved to Los Angeles! east side to the west side. it has been a great nearly six months. i am meeting amazing people and ROCKIN quite a bit. =) on top of that, the weather is perfect and i am genuinely happy with the move. 


but what sparked this log on is that i needed to tell you something else.

i am back on tour!!!


yea.. I'm already four shows in. my bad. forgive me. lol!!


Paris, Leipzig, Zurich and Berlin were AMAZING!! we have nine shows left!! 


this is special because I am touring with my sis, Sa-Roc and it is nothing short of magical!


catch us on one of these stops if you can! 




Dope Feature on Ambrosia for Heads!  


I woke up to a really cool email! My video for “One Day”  produced by Apollo Brown, is featured on the Ambrosia for Heads website.   Check it out and make sure to drop a comment on their website and on their social media pages to show your love and support! Of course being featured is amazing, but we have to show that this particular type of art IS still dope and appreciated. Much love! ~ dy


NEW VIDEO and the love EP II is EVERYWHERE!!! 

whaddup my loves!!


the love EP II is EVERYWHERE!! what better way to celebrate than with some new visuals?


Phil Scott of Delvmore Studios has blessed me again!! 


Check out the video clip for Messed Up which takes a look at some of the "motions" of love. ;-)




PS: I am heading to EUROPE in a few weeks! Check the show dates to see if I will be in your city!! 







speak it. see it. do it. the winter [w]rap up #tour. #europe 2018. ✈️✨🙌🏾 

shouts to my deej, Sandman, who moved a lotta things around to join me on this one, to all of the promoters and of course, my agency, Subotage Ent.! 🙌🏾❤️ 

see you soon! #switzerland #france #austria#belgium #germany #hiphop #soul #love #music#travel #internationalDY🙏🏾🌻🌎 

reeewiiiiiinnnddddd!! - A Star in Life's Clothing is back! 

....and we're BACK!  

A Star in Life's Clothing : A One Woman Show will run again on 2/3/2018! so many people told me how much they hated that they missed the debut. well, this is for YOU! 

Weaving seamlessly through music and monologues, Dynasty provides a peep through the pages of her life in "A Star in Life's Clothing." The one woman show offers a glimpse of what its like to win, fail, love, lose, and ultimately land in your own divine space, undeniably flawed, still completely magnificent. 

. "A Star in Life's Clothing" debuted at Stageworks Theater on October 28th. Join us on Feb 3rd for the journey. Limited seating. 

Presented by Ya Girl DY, LLC and Got Jokes Entertainment. 


tickets are available NOW! get yours. if you saw it and you loved it, come again AND/or tell a friend to tell a friend. it's only going to get better.  


Happy 2018!!! =) - New Video!! 

Happy New Year, my loves!!


welcome to 2018!! I am so excited about this year. this year is MY year because every year is MY year! same goes for you. we just keep getting better! 


if you have been around for a while you know that i love to start the new year by dropping a new visual. well, here is a video for "The Sun" which is an exclusive joint that can only be found on the Forever, DY Vinyl Edition. produced by Rik Marvel this track, with a FIRE beat, talks about walking your own path and following your own light. owning all that dopeness, flaws and all. if you haven't been doing that.. start now. you got a clean slate ahead of you. lets get it! 

love ya,









whaddup beautiful people! 

as the year comes to an end, i am reflecting on all of the amazing things that took place in 2017. wow. what a year!! 

at the same time, i am visualizing my 2018 and i am excited about whats to come. in THIS particular moment i am excited to announce that i will be back in Europe very soon! i will spend the end of February and the beginning of March there. i have a few dates on the board and i am looking to add a couple more! sooooo... if you want me in your city, this is the time to hit me up to make it happen!


get your promoters on board. send me your contacts. connect me. let's get it. i wanna see you. xo.


hit me up through the site or at lets make something beautiful happen. see you soon!


love ya. 



sidenote: i want to big up Bernard Alexander for a FIRE photoshoot that he did with me last month. click here to check out his work, including the shoot and interview feature with yours truly. be sure to subscribe to keep up with his visionary content!



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