aight y'all.

i am SO excited about this video!!

its a return to my childhood and my fav type of "in your face" flow. a perfect combination of  soft and aggressive. a true representation of ya girl. 

VINYL!!!! She's HERE!

Yes. Yes. Y'all!

It has been quite the ride making this dream come true... but here she is!

THANK YOU to everyone who pre-ordered and helped me make this vision a reality. Its truly a beautiful work…

a star in life's clothing : a one woman show

i am excited to announce this very special engagement. combining my artistry is something i've wanted to do for a long time. i am happy to share my FIRST one woman show with you, sharing just a few of my…


whaddup peeps!


i know its been a minute! all is well here, working as usual. currently, the babies are keeping me busy as we are in the fourth week of The Summer STAAR Program (learn more at

New Mini Documentary and New Year Wishes!

whaddup peeps!

happy new year to you! as always, wishing you nothing but the best in 2017. <3

kicking off this year with a few dope photoshoots and the planning of the next video, which will be for "Greatness". stay…

This might be my FAV feature! (HipHopDX)

I've been blessed to receive several write ups over the years, lots of features and media love. I'm grateful for all of it. 

But this one right here... its very special to me because in a time where it seems…

DY on Stage! ...except this time...

...I'm reciting lines in a different way. ;)

I recently had the opportunity to take part in a stage play called Think Like a Lady by Inkwell Pictures.  I almost didn't do it because the time was short, I was…

New Music and New Cities!

Forever, DY is now available for pre-order or just a sneak peak on iTunes!! =) She drops officially on 9/17!!

I am so excited, you all. It's been a long time coming and I am happy to finally have something…

...oh. hey y'all. ;)

welcome to the new site!

i loved my old site, but i wanted to start fresh with you all as i move into this new space and time. 

its been a MINUTE since I've released some new music, and…