So umm.. this is LATE. (i moved and I'm on tour!!)



so.. first of all, I can't believe how much time has passed since I've written.

let me just go ahead and say this... i packed up and moved to Los Angeles! east side to the west side. it has been a great nearly six months. i am meeting amazing people and ROCKIN quite a bit. =) on top of that, the weather is perfect and i am genuinely happy with the move. 


but what sparked this log on is that i needed to tell you something else.

i am back on tour!!!


yea.. I'm already four shows in. my bad. forgive me. lol!!


Paris, Leipzig, Zurich and Berlin were AMAZING!! we have nine shows left!! 


this is special because I am touring with my sis, Sa-Roc and it is nothing short of magical!


catch us on one of these stops if you can!